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  • Omer Matityahu

    Omer Matityahu

    20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience, CEO at Agrinoze, co-founder of Profitect inc (sold to Zebra Technologies), maker, startup advisor, cyclist.

  • AgTech X

    AgTech X

    There's a place for you in the movement to reinvent our food system. Let us help you find it.

  • Thospaak Yotwong

    Thospaak Yotwong

  • Walt Duflock

    Walt Duflock

    5th-generation family farming operation in Salinas Valley + 25 years at high-growth SV startups + helped build #1 AgriFood Accelerator.

  • Sinus


  • Yaman ural

    Yaman ural

    Creative Technologist http://yamanural.com

  • Robert Cloutier

    Robert Cloutier

  • Mark Horler

    Mark Horler

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